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playhubs caters for start-ups (which are not breaking even based on game revenue and have not received external investment) as well as more established game studios. We offer subsidised membership rates to start-ups. What category do you place yourself in?

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These are the standard options on our website, but there's no harm in saying "not sure" – we can talk through what works best for you.

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We're looking for forward-thinking game developers. What's your founding story and vision? What game(s) are you working on?
What's under the hood of your business?

Please tell us as much as you're comfortable sharing about platforms, monetisation strategy, specific unique technologies and your target market... basically demonstrating how you are thinking commercially about your games.
What do you think is the weakest part of your company?

Nobody's perfect... building up a successful games business starts with this honesty.
What attracts you to playhubs?

What would success at playhubs look like for you?
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We're creating a proactive and mutually supportive community, so we'd like to know how you could fit in.
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